News: the colorful camera EYE-02 s GSM in to your self-phone. The manufacturer is Jablocom s.r.o., the dealer is Jablotron a.s.

eye 02 gsm security camera

The camera EYE-02 is an inspired innovation. It’s fully compatible with wireless parts of the security alarm OASIS, it can be use both outside and inside. It secures areas by a screen detection, it saves every alarm situation and sends them to the JabloTool (toll free service) web through the GSM network. It also can take a picture of an area and send it to a user as MMS if required.

It is security alarm, which can visually prove a presence of a burglar or any other danger in your secure area. It recognizes the real alarm from fake one, it can speed up an appropriate action undertaken by the police against a burglar, who can they easily monitor for the whole time.

EYE-02 includes a wide scale of a integrated detectors:
A motion detector (PIR)
A motion detection in pictures (MIP)
A noise detector (NOISE)
A glass break detector (GBS)
A detector of a concussion or a tilt (TILT)
EYE-02 can cooperate with a lot of other detectors from alarm system OASIS.

EYE-02 is an great alarm with GSM for a reasonable price 7.150 CZK without DPH, we offer delivery with installation and demonstration of right setting and controlling.

A complete solution with right combination of detectors offers a great protection against many dangers.
The camera can also serves as a compact video server. Many people can be robbed at work, e.g. stolen documents, wallets at the office. It causes a suspicion and a bad working environment. In many cases these unfortunate cases remain unsolved or it is solved late. The camera EYE-02 can provide 24/7 record of an area without an alarm sound. The record is possible to replay anytime without any additional cost in your computer.

A setting of the SIM card of an user for alarms reports - an active internet connection (EDGE/GPRS) with active MMS.

eye 02 gsm security camera 2

The camera EYE-02 can be connected to a central security system.

Registrated users of EYE-02 will get free access to central security system provided by JABLOCOM, which provides save storing of records.

Technical specification of EYE-02
The size of the camera: 155x75x55 mm, 300 g
The size of the package: 300x215x75 mm, 950 g
Connector for SD micro cards, max. capacity 4 GB
The default package includes a memory card with 1 GB of memory
Resolution of the camera: VGA 640x480, QVGA 320x240, QQVGA 160x120
The format of the record: JPEG, EXIF 2.2
The camera’s lens: AB29
Infrared light 6x infra LED, 6x 100mW, wave length 850 nm
Support of the MMS version 1.2 through WAP 2.0
History of events: min 100 of records in inside memory + SD card
-20°C - +55°C; moisture 25 - 75 %
100 - 240V v AC, 50 - 60 Hy, 5 V/2 A DC
Backup battery Lion, 1300 mAh
GSM system Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHy
GSM antenna external + 2.5 dBi, SMA conector
EDGE class 10; GPRS class 10; max. 85.6 kbps, CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS4
Audio: AGC system, reduction of a noise, audio codecs - HR, FR, EFR and AMR
Audio monitoring: integrated high sensitive microphone with DSP
PC USB 2.0Integrated alarm detectors:
A motion detector (PIR)
A motion detection in pictures (MIP)
A noise detector (NOISE)
A glass break detector (GBS)
A detector of a concussion or a tilt (TILT)
Wireless system 868 MHz
Can run with ERC REC 70-03
Controller RC86
Battery type L1016 6.0 V
Typical lifetime of the battery is 3 years with 5 activations during a day
EYE-02 matches these norms ETSI EN 300220,EN 55022, EN 50134‐2,EN50130‐4,EN60950‐1.

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