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This site provides detailed informations about a security and an alarm systems with the GSM communication. Favourite devices among users are alarms with user-friendly control and a realible functioning. These devices are capable to send a message about an alert to a security agency or to the owner. It uses the GSM network and mobile phones with very small operating costs (about 15 – 50 CZK). The most popular device among alarms is OASIS. The producer of this product is Jablotron company, OASIS fully satisfies all needs of customers.

The popular inovation in the product range of Jablotron company is GSM camera EYE-02 which has many various internal sensors. EYE-02 fully cooperates with other wireless parts of the OASIS system and provides outside and inside solutions. It provides security with many detections inlcluding a combine screen detections. The image of the secured space is reported automatically during the alert or by the individual setting.

Details are avaible in section Alarm Camera EYE-02.

The security alarm is a device which reacts in the presence of human or because of a human. Presence of the human is detectable by many ways. Basic methods and the most commonly used methods include detection through the door and the window contacts, optical and acoustic space detectors, emergency buttons. Less used kind of detectors are technological detectors such as optical bar, microwave barriers or vibratory, treadatory, pressure, etc. kind of special detectors.

nákres zabezpečení RD

Now we will pay attention to the three most used kind of detectors with a diffrent method of detection: opthical marked as PIR, magnetical marked as MK and acoustic (glassbreak) marked as GB. We will provide some examples. A burglar tries to brake to a house through doors, windows or any other loopholes. An intrusion is followed by sound a glass brake in the window or in a shop window which is detected by the acoustic detector (GB). The burglar can try to brake to the house using force like breaking doors or any other kind of trap-doors. This kind of intrusion is detected by magnetical (MK) or mechanical contact. A movement of the burglar in the house is detected by opthical detektor (PIR).

detektory OASIS - magnetický kontakt, PIR, detektor skla

Well designed security device will react in three ways, for example glassbreak – window opening – movement in a room. In the case of accoustic alarm is the only way of protection than it will react by one or more sirens, it depends on speed of the burglar. Although the accoustic alarm as only way of protection is very insufficient.

PCO - GSM zabezpečení, Siréna

Modern way of protection includes GSM communicators and it sends an specific information in exact time sequence. Transmission can be provide by GSM network or by SMS messages straight in to your self-phone or to the security agency, which send a security car.


03.02. 07:1301: Mk Main entranceAlarm in the late zone
03.02. 07:1302: PIR Behind the main doorAlarm in the late zone
03.02. 07:1402: PIR Behind the main doorAlarm in the late zone
03.02. 07:14:Master’s passwordAlarm was cancel by user

This example has happy ending because it was only about of late switching-off the device.

One part of the security device is used for protection people inside the house. For example window’s and door’s contacts which are add into the circuit called “night watch”. This security device is partly on and it doesn’t affect people’s movement inside the house at all. If somebody tries to brake in (opening of the window or door from outside) than siren inside the house sends a signal or starts noise to inform people inside the house.

Not just in banks but also in regular houses is necessary to have an emergency button for calling help. The emergency button can be mobile and active without dependence on whole security system. The emergency button doesn’t have to be use only for signalization of the burglar, also can be used for calling a social worker.

We mentioned technological detectors at the start. Their purpose is guard and signal in many different occasions. This category includes especially fire detectors and gas detectors. Another categories are liquid detectors, temperature detectors, etc. These detectors will provide security without dependence on controlling security signalization. It can automatically starts different processes like air-condition, switching-off the gas, heat in the greenhouse, etc.

There are many different methods in providing security and there are various devices which are available on the market today. The electrical alarm has been known for more than hundred and fifty years and the essence of protecting ourselves and our wealth is old as humanity itself. Today the newest detectors take pictures when the alarm starts and you can learn more about that in section ALARM OASIS.


We all have seen some detective or a burglar in a TV show and how easy they can get into the locked houses. In TV it looks very easy and actually it is for train people. One of the technique is called bum and pink. You can see this technique in the following link: (video)

The other technique which is used for braking in without the sign of brake is through windows. This technique is very easy for trained burglar. The burglar with a right tool will brake in from the outside with a little bit of power.

* Author’s note: I have been working in the business of protection houses and people since 1992. I cooperate with group TNK 124 which is focused on fire alarms and alarm devices. I cooperate with a producer of alarm devices Jablotron s.r.o. I’m pleased that alarm devices from Jablotron company are on the top of costumers interest on our market and also on foreign markets.

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